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In an exclusive interview with Haitian Heroes star Jimmy Jean-Louis shares the details, the joys and the horrors of his heart wrenching trip home to the earthquake devastated nation of Haiti.

It’s a bittersweet trip for the actor as he thankfully reunites with his parents, he at one time feared were dead, but at the same time tries to come to terms with the unimaginable horror that has hit his homeland and that he is witnessing first hand.

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“It was nice and it was peaceful to see my parents because we already had comes to terms that I was coming,” Jean-Louis tells “It was just this amazing relief to see each other. It was calm and very emotional but nice to be able to see them and hug them – a genuine simple hug. That was great.”

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But the joy of reuniting was soon overshadowed by the realization of the devastation of his surroundings in the developing country that was hit by a 7.0 magnitude earthquake, the largest earthquake to have struck the world in 200 years.

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“As I said I had a house that collapsed and another house next door and there are people laying dead underneath the house,” Jean-Louis shares. “From going around the neighborhood, from where we are, everyday, many times a day, I don’t know how many times they come and they bring dead bodies just to burn them, just to burn.