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9th Wonder And David Banner Launch New Comic Series, Prep New Album

Recently aligned duo David Banner and 9th Wonder have announced that they have created a new comic strip series in conjunction with their highly awaited collaborative LP, Death of a Pop Star.

This isn’t your average Denace the Menace comics. The strip will reportedly focus on 9th and Banner living amongst humans with superhuman powers.

While 9th Wonder’s character toils with inner conflict, discipline and violence, David Banner’s character must rise from the slums, while following a higher calling.

“Comics, sneakers, and Hip-Hop have always been close-knit with each other for years and years,” 9th Wonder stated. “This comic strip will show you exactly how close the relationships between those entities are.”

This is all a part of a mass marketing scheme by the duo. According to Banner,

“The idea with Death of a Pop Star was never for it to be only an album. The aim of this project was to engage the consumer on many different levels.  With the music industry being in the state it’s in, we as artist need to provide as much intriguing content as possible for our fans.

This is the second step in exposing the Death of a Pop Star project on many different platforms.”

The first installation of the comic can be viewed December 9 on

The video for their new single “Be With You” featuring Ludacris is slated to debut on MTV on December 16.

The collaborative LP between David Banner and 9th Wonder, Death of a Pop Star hits shelves December 21.


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