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In case you haven’t noticed, the latest accessory sweeping the nation is the cell phone. For the technologically savvy person who can’t put down the Apple iPhone, Blackberry, or Droid, we felt it was time you came to terms with your addiction.

Here are 10 signs you’re addicted to your celly:

1. You’re distracted around family and friends

As if you didn’t notice, loved ones can be irritated by your phone obsession. While you’re aimlessly typing away on family vacations or friendly outings, you’re missing out on those precious moments you could be spending with your loved ones. Never take people for granted! Depending on how problematic you are, someone will feel inclined to speak out against your addiction. Never let an “LOL” or three get in the way of important, live, relationships.

2. Your average phone bill is more important than household expenses

For some reason, you have to forfeit a gas, electricity or heat bill to afford your over-the-top phone bill which costs at least $100 per month. Common sense tells you to live within your means, and never take on more than your monthly budget. If you need the lights on in your household, don’t add on unnecessary charges for the unlimited calling and text messaging package!

3. You check Facebook & Twitter more than 10 times per day on your phone

Every few seconds, you’re glancing down at your phone like something’s amiss. ‘Who responded? I wonder what he or she said. Are there any updates on the news feed today?’ This is a tale of someone who’s emotionally tied to his or her phone and is out of control! More than 10 times per day, you’re constantly checking your Facebook page, updating your Twitter status or refreshing the news report like a wild banchee on a Friday night!

4. You’ve programmed every aspect of your life on your phone

Your compulsive habits are glued to your monthly planner. You’ve got business meetings, school events, or doctor’s appointments arranged for every day of the week. And then you’ve got a time to meet the babysitter, an hour left until you shop for clothes, and a time for your favorite television show. Time is of the essence, but is it really necessary to input every appointment your phone? This is when its time to take a breather.

5. You’ve accrued more than 1000 messages (including video, text, photo and emails)

You’ve received and sent more than 1000 messages every month, which should guarantee a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records! If you think we’re joking, then maybe you should ask yourself why it’s pertinent to consume time on video, text, photos, and emails to people you see and talk to once in a blue moon. Your social life shouldn’t mean spending every waking moment on the phone.

6. You constantly feel empty without your phone

You have a need to take your phone on daily strolls, have it resting in your pocket, or lying next to you as you brush your teeth. You get the feeling as soon as you put it down, it will take off like the wind or you’ll experience that agonizing feeling of your phone not being there in the flesh! If you can’t trust your phone being within a 10-minute radius from you, maybe it’s subconsciously taking a toll on you!

7. If your celly breaks, you’re crying like you lost your best friend

The sound you had been dreading is finally upon you. You hear a snap, crackle, or pop unearth from beneath your foot. Pieces of your smartphone are broken like shattered glass and your eyes begin to well up as if you lost your best friend. You’re whipped, darling. You are whipped.

8. You’re anticipating the next message to appear on your phone

It’s apparent that you have a problem when you’re gazing down at your phone, and anticipating the next message to appear in bold black letters – “New Message.” You may consider it the best feeling in the world that your boyfriend or girlfriend just responded to the message, but not to a bystander who can clearly see you are in denial about your cell phone addiction.

9. You own all the accessories to your phone (including applications)

It seems you’re all good to go. You have the car charger, ear piece, and the phone of course! But then you shopped around and found a few more pieces to add to your collection. The color-coded cases, unlimited batteries, screen protectors, USB cord/adapters… everything you need to get the job done. But there is a fine line between things you need and things you want.

10. You don’t plan your time accordingly

If you’re one to use the restroom or drive while texting, then maybe its time you planned accordingly. Has it ever occurred to you why the anti-texting law is prohibited in some states? Whatever you do, don’t text behind the wheel! And don’t try to engage your cell phone while engaging other stuff that matters!