Former Geto Boys rapper Willie D, stopped by the Madd Hatta Morning Show this week to talk about his recent sentence, how it all occurred and redemption. Check out the interview and excerpts below.

On his sentence:

Willie D explains why he was charged and sentenced to 1 year and a day in federal prison for wire fraud charges stemming from the false sale of iPhones. He explains how eBay didn’t protect them after they had been taken advantage of twice from an overseas sale of phones where they sent the money and never got the phones. He says  after that, he felt like he wanted to “get even”.

On if he planned to stop before he got caught:

He says he was sorry while he was doing it, he knew he was wrong, but people do things wrong all the time, knowing that it’s wrong and they still do it anyway. He said that he has already gotten his sentence, he is going to do his time and he has no reason to lie.

Willie D on the lesson he will teach his kids:

He says his children are aware of what’s going on, but the message is simple, if you do something “foul” it will backfire on you. He adds that the lesson is “two wrongs don’t make a right”.

Willie D on his support, final words and thanks:

He says he has a really good support team in his corner, so it’s not just about how he is getting through or holding up, but it’s also about how his support is holding up. They(support) are in situations to answer questions they don’t want to answer and talk about things they really don’t want to talk about with so many people asking about his situation.

Overwhelmed with emotions, Willie D teared up during the interview saying that he was going to man up and get through this.

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