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We all knew that after Michael Jackson’s death that there would be a series of posthumous releases that would put 2pac to shame, but we didn’t think it would go down like this.

Sony recently announced plans to release a compilation of unreleased tunes by the King of Pop on December 14th, simply titled Michael. The lead single from that project, “Breaking News” was just released this morning by Sony on their Michael Jackson promotional website,


We’ll give you a few minutes to go and listen to the song, which isn’t available in an embeddable form just yet.

Ok, now that you’ve heard “Breaking News,” be honest with us.  On parts of the song, something sounds a little off about Michael’s voice, right?  Perhaps it’s an impersonator on the song? That’s what Michael Jackson’s family is claiming, particularly two of his children.

Prince and Paris Jackson, along with Michael’s mother Katherine, claim that the song, and several others slated to be included on Michael, are fakes. Katherine says that the songs were recorded while Michael stayed with the Cascio family in 2007, but that the Cascio’s have added things to the songs.  Michael’s children also have reportedly stated that they don’t believe it’s their father singing on the songs.

Sony claims that all of the recordings on Michael are authentic and that they have consulted with experts who have confirmed that it is Michael singing on the songs in question.

Though Michael’s voice does seem off at times, we’re inclined to believe that it is actually him singing on the song. Songs like “Breaking News” didn’t find their way on to Michael Jackson albums while he was alive for a reason.

Now here’s where things get REALLY off the wall (pun intended).

The website,, of which Katherine Jackson is a partner, released a song over the weekend that they claimed was 100% authentic.  The twelve-minute song, “Opis None,” does feature Michael’s voice, however, it is sampled from the title track of The Jacksons’ 1978 album, Destiny.  We highly doubt that Michael would have authorized the release of this extremely odd reworking of a 32 year old song.

Despite initially stating that Katherine Jackson authorized the release of “Opis None,” later updated their site to correct that mistake:

This track was NOT released by Mrs. Jackson, this is a dance remake created from unreleased masters in the archives. We sincerely apologize to the fans for any confusion.

Howard Mann, Katherine’s partner in, issued the following statement on the screw up:

I wanted to take this opportunity to sincerely apologize to the

Jackson family, his fans and to TMZ for my act of both ignorance and

random stupidity this past weekend!

Our goal in releasing” Opis None” was simply to satiate fans appetite

for unreleased MJ music and to provide a vocal that the world could

believe strongly was an authentic MJ vocal, when in reality the song

turned out to be solely a remake or remix of an old Jackson track

titled “Destiny”.  The MJ fans pointed this out within 15 seconds of

the track going live, however the damage was done.

For the record: At no point in time did Mrs. Jackson give me

permission to release the track or frankly did she even hear the track

in the first place. That stupidity was ALL ME. We grabbed the track

from a series of masters we own and researched the title and found no

listed release titled “Opis None” in the MJ releases and I felt it

sounded like such a weird track for an MJ song, the fans would get a

kick out of it. I certainly did not expect fans to become enraged with

Miss Jackson about the track as it was given away for free and was not

intended as a commercial product.

Mrs. Jackson is a sweet, kind and giving person, much like her son

Michael Jackson was known to the world. As his loving mother, she was

bar none his biggest fan.  Our goal at is to

pay tribute to the legendary artist and artistic visionary that was

and is Michael Jackson. The fans are entitled to a higher level of

integrity then I demonstrated this past weekend and for that I am


When the world sees Mrs. Jackson on Oprah tomorrow, they will see a

devastated mother trying her best to both grieve the loss and also to

celebrate the life of her iconic son.  I hope the fans will not hold

my stupidity against her, as she is a truly quality woman who has

certainly been through enough!


Howard Mann

What a mess!!!!!

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