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Two years ago, I was standing in line at the local library to cast my vote for Barack Obama. I considered the six hours I stood, a privilege that I was blessed to experience. The atmosphere was indescribable with people praying, singing and having conversations about what this day could mean.

I remember thinking how much I wished my grandmother Cora was alive to see this day. Everyone I knew, both family and friends were texting across the states about the length of their line. Like me, no one seemed to mind. We all just wanted to hear, what we ultimately heard “Barack Obama, President of the United States of America.”

Those memories surfaced this week while attending a friend’s gathering. Two years ago we were all staunch Obama supporters. Now it appeared things had changed with their support either diminishing or being nonexistent. Many of their comments were hard to believe. Unable to sit there silently, I asked the question “what happened to the support we once shared?” The response, “Girl please!”

I am disappointed to hear one time Obama supporters wavering on whether or not they are going to vote in this mid-term election. Comments like, “nothing is changing, so what is the benefit, as a matter of fact, it appears things have gotten worst,” is disheartening. When I think of the conditions of the prior administration, how could I expect 2 years to be enough time?

There are so many opinions circulating in the communities, as well as, the air waves. It is emotional for me because I have been blessed to live through many conditions in this country; good and bad. Even though a young child, watching a black and white television, I remember. When I think that the right to vote has not always been available to me, I cannot stay home. When I think about the struggle of my ancestors to pave a better day, I cannot stay home.

It is in the memory of my grandmother Cora, a seamstress in the White House, forced to enter from the back door, that I will once again cast my vote.

By Tanya Wilson


Read more columns by Tanya Wilson, an inspirational speaker based in Charlotte. Find her on Facebook.

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