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Although it’s several years from being released, some of you may have heard by now that Will Smith is preparing to play the part of 25th dynasty Egyptian Pharoah, Taharqa, in a major Hollywood film set for 2013.

That said, in the year 2010, it should go without saying that we, as black people, should recognize by now that our history did not begin with slavery. Case in point: This past week, the Egyptian government announced the discovery of an ancient tomb in the Egyptian city of Luxor made for a 25th Dynasty Nubian priest named Karakhamun.

Now the 25th Dynasty of Egypt is a fascinating dynasty for a number of reasons, especially since its one of the few dynasties that modern-day Egyptologists will actually admit to it being black.

Dr. Elena Pischikova, the white Russian Egyptologist who uncovered the tomb, has been a consistent voice in clarifying that ancient Egypt at its core –long before the 25th dynasty and late invasions by outsiders like Greeks and Romans– was a black African society. So one of the reasons she was so interested in this site was because it has established clear cultural links between this Nubian dynasty and earlier, formative Egyptian dynasties.

Another important aspect of this excavation is that Dr. Pischikova partnered with and was supported by an African American named Anthony Browder, an author & cultural historian who has been to Egypt 45 times. Browder conducts annual study tours to Egypt and was mentored in Egyptian history by the late psychologist & historian, Asa Hilliard, who the excavation project is named in honor of.

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