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In light of all the controversy surrounding homosexual tendencies from Hip Hop To the Church… I pose a question does society cause homosexuals to stay in the closet? Nicki Minaj spoke about her sexuality as a bisexual female in OUT magazine recently. She said of homosexuals in the industry:

“There are a lot of people in the industry fakin’ it to make it. When you’re not keeping it real, you can be any damn thing people want you to be.”

I mean you tell me… If your favorite rapper, actor or Pastor came out the closet how would that effect your love for him/ her? Especially if he/ she is singing and rapping about heterosexuality? In light of Bishop Eddie Long being accused of homosexual acts while preaching on anti gay marriage, can we say that a homosexual has to “FAKE IT TO MAKE IT” or would you accept them as they are? Would a homosexual rapper actor or pastor be as accepted or successful as a heterosexual?

Why would you accept one over the other? Should they fake it to make it? Does society make it hard for a homosexual to be as successful as a heterosexual? Chime in and leave your comments below.

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