The Box Houston Featured Video

Rikers island wont stand in between Lil Wayne and his fan’s. Despite being locked up till November, Weezy managed to drop this new video for him upcoming EP “I am no a human being”…

According to MTV:

“Hip-hop’s extraterrestrial rock star dropped a new video Wednesday (September 15) for the title track from his upcoming project I Am Not a Human Being, which comes out September 27, Wayne’s birthday. The new video is mostly Wayne performing, with the lights turned low and his tats glowing in the dark.

“I don’t know why they keep playing/ They better replay it/ I’m giving them the blues, Bobby Blue Bland,” he raps on the first verse. “Together we stand and fall on y’all/ Balling with my bloods/ Call it b-ball.”

Later, he calls himself a “rhyming oasis.” “I must be sticky, ’cause them bitches got they eyes glued,” he continues. “Young Money, baby, we the sh– like fly food/ Y’all can’t see us, like the bride’s shoes/ … If you think you hot then obviously you were lied to/ And we don’t die, we multiply, and then we come divide you.”

The long-awaited Tha Carter IV is dropping in November, if everything goes according to plan. “We might just drop the album that day,” Mack Maine said recently about putting out C4 the day Weezy is set to get out of prison. “Just hope it don’t leak out and drop it that day. I think it would be crazy, the anticipation.”

Mack said Wayne is deeply involved in Tha Carter IV‘s song-selection process despite currently serving his yearlong sentence on Rikers Island.”