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With a voice as warm and smooth as milk and honey, Brandy’s honed her craft and incredibly gifted vocals and has ultimately become one of – if not, the most underrated female artist in the game.

With a 15 year musical and entertainment legacy, it’s about time we’ve heard some new music from her since her last offering Human released in March of 2009.

This season, she’s got a lot on her plate. In addition to being a single mom, she just wrapped filming and production on the second season of her hit reality TV series on VH1 “Brandy & Ray: A Family Business.” Then of course, we’ll be seeing her as early as next week when she begins to battle it out on the dance floor on this season of “Dancing with the Stars.”

So when does she have time for music? If you know Brandy, the girl can sing just about anything, anywhere, anytime and by a music lover’s standards, Brandy can out-sing anyone if you ask me. So making time for what she loves the most (music) shouldn’t be a problem at all because she’s a recording machine herself knocking out hidden gems, full albums and unreleased material whenever she feels inspired to do so.

Note to Brandy – we are totally being patient, but you know we’re waiting for you to reign supreme in the R&B game again really soon. Please come back and show ’em how it’s done.

Check out the featured photo gallery of my girl Brandy doing her thing and now to the reason why I decided to write this. A little birdy sent this exclusive first listen to Brandy’s “Lifeguard” my way and I quickly turned it into an official MOJO Leak. Now it’s a little different than what we’re used to from Brandy if you only know her for her purest R&B singles. This adds pop to the mix and creates a bit of an urban sensibility to the mainstream sound she’s most definitely capable of displaying.

This isn’t a single you’ll find on an upcoming album (or so we hear), but it is one worth checking out as Brandy continues to amaze many with her tone, her vocal stamina and the creative range she has as an established R&B singer.

Let us know honestly what you think of it. Is it too pop? Not enough R&B? What’s good or bad about it? The beautiful thing to me about this track is the lyrics. Be sure to pay close attention to the metaphors she’s using.

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