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by Lisa Chavarria / 11 News

HOUSTON—Houston and Harris County officials are reminding everyone about the dangers, and consequences, of drinking and driving this Labor Day weekend. Drunk-driving arrests and accidents were already happening all throughout the Houston area early Friday morning, according to authorities.

At least three suspected drunk driving accidents happened in several parts of the Houston area within a couple of hours. In all five people, including an HPD officer had to be taken to area hospitals. All sustained minor injuries.

During a ride along early Friday morning with Houston Police Officer Paul LaSalle, officers spotted a man who fell asleep at the intersection of 34th Street and Antoine Drive.

Officers had to pound on the man’s window to wake him up. Police conducted a field sobriety test and arrested the man for DWI.

HPD will also feature its “cop cabs” throughout the weekend on Washington Avenue to remind people to choose a designated driver or catch a cab after hitting the local bar scene.

Harris County authorities are working with the district attorney’s office for this “No Refusal” weekend.

In the “No Refusal” program, law enforcement patrols, testing units and prosecutors team up to get search warrants for blood samples from intoxicated motorists who refuse to voluntarily provide them.

Under state law enacted in 2009, these blood tests for intoxicants no longer require warrants in certain situations.

Anyone suspected of drinking and driving will be tested on the spot and violators will be hauled off to jail.

If you plan on drinking and driving this Labor Day weekend, authorities are telling you to think twice—better yet, just don’t do it at all.