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We verified this issue on our end and found out that the category sports of newsone has been set to national in majicatl. Also the status of category sports has been set to publish status that is why all the posts of category sports from newsone is being published in majicatl.

If you want to edit or make any changes to the post that arrives from newsone, you need to set the status for this category to draft, so the posts will come to majicatl and will be in draft status.

Later you can check these posts and you can publish the posts manually so that the posts will be displayed in majicatl site. Author has been set to Majicatl for the posts which arrives from newsone, hence author is taken as Majicatl.

If you want to change the stauts of this category, follow these steps :-

1)Click on “Crossposting Client” seen under ione tools section.

2)Scroll down to see the hub.

3)In that you can observe that category “Sports” of hub i.e.newsone has been set to category “National” for loacl or client i.e.majicatl and also the status is set to publish.

4)You can set the status to draft. So that all the posts from newsone will not displayed in UI i.e.Majicatl. You can manually edit and publish these posts.

Look in to the highlighted part of snapshot. Please refer the snapshot attached which shows the client i.e majicatl’s wp-admin in which the status of sports category is set to publish.