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Brian Pumper is hoping that he can sign with 50 Cent under the G-Unit label, and is revealing his Marketing plans.

I wanna do B. Pumper albums, which I wanna put out under 50 Cent. I want 50 Cent to sign me as a solo act,” Pumper tells Pow-TV. “G-Unit stands for guerilla gangster sh*t, but a n*gga don’t have to be be poppin pistols or selling crack. Anything can be considered gangster, ‘Yo that n*gga’s a fool, he be smashin all the shorties in the [porno] flicks you gangster for thatI like G-Unit, I like the style, the energy they bring in their music.”

Different projects outside of music, Brian has plans to write a book about sex, as well as some Brian Pumper sex tapes.

“I want 50 to help me put a book out. Now my book is gonna be about sex lives, how to better sex lives, why men bust quick…the skills to control that so now they can be Superman in the bedroom. Girls trying to use their p*ssies as a power tool, scandalous b*tches doing n*ggas dirty…why women sleep [with men] if the money makes sense.”


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