Canadian bred emcee Drake recently sat down to discuss his take on his success in the industry as well as his feelings on his recent accolades.

In the interview with Indy Music Channel, Drake states that he is able to pull a lot of collaborations with the big artists because he ensures that he forms real relationships with them.

“I am a nice guy but I make it a point to form real relationships with everyone thatI meet. I am not just looking out for Canada or New York, but regardless of who you are or what you do, it’s important and I make sure that everyone I meet knows that.”

Drake also discusses what fans can expect on his upcoming album, because he states that he is coming a lot better with his delivery and flow.

“I feel that the numbers I did [with Thank Me later] was a good start,” Drake continued. “But with my new album fans are going to see me singing better, sounding better and rapping better. Not because I am a perfectionist, because perfection doesn’t exist; but because I am a hard worker and know that I can always do better.”

In addition Drake also talks about how the initial meeting with Lil’ Wayne came about and what is the relationship between he and Nicki is really about.

“I linked up with Wayne through a connect on Myspace,” Drake said. “We met up after a year and the rest was history.”

About Nicki he states:

“I don’t look at her like my sister, but she is definitely the homie. I love her.”


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