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Outdoor swimming is something that is limited by the weather.  So take advantage while the summer is around! I’m not talking intense laps and training:  splash around and bring a floatie and a book.

Swimming can be a leisurely activity or a fun workout.  Just by swimming around a little bit you are working all of your major muscle groups. The bets part is the cooling effect of the water. What’s better than a workout without sweat?

Another good thing about swimming is that it can be fun during the day or at night.  What’s even better? A jacuzzi.  Something that I enjoy is swimming until I get tired and sore.  Then I go into the jacuzzi and feel each part of my body relax one by one. Turn swimming into a hangout activity and relax in the water.

Here are a few fun pool ideas:

Chicken fights

Marco Polo

Sharks and minnows

Cannonball contests

So what do you say? We only have a few months to enjoy swimming outdoors, so get sunkissed… but remember the SPF!

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