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Source: Marvel Studios / X-Men 97

Years before Marvel’s impressive cast of superheroes would dominate the global box office, the small screen story of Professor Charles Xavier and his league of mutants captivated audiences every Saturday morning on Fox. While it seemed a reboot of the classic “X-Men: The Animated Series” was highly unlikely, the tide has turned, and beginning March 20th the adventures of Wolverine, Cyclops, Storm and the rest of Xavier’s ensemble will return with “X-Men ’97,” courtesy of Disney+.

On Thursday (Feb. 15), the first trailer was released. In it, fans are treated to plenty of action, thrills and that iconic animation that made the show an instant hit around the world.

Series showrunner Beau DeMayo spoke exclusively about the series, noting that every detail of the show was crafted with the audience in mind.

From EW.

“Every design choice is actually a clue to the storylines we’re doing,” DeMayo says. “Nothing is arbitrary.” The clue from the legacy costumes is all about nostalgia. “It’s a nice nod to Pryde of the X-Men,” he explains, referring to the 1989 pilot for a failed X-Men animated series. “But it is to throw the X-Men back to a time where they’re thinking about: What part of this do I want to keep? Was it truly simpler back then, or were we just more naive?”

Marvel Animation’s #XMen97, an all-new series, arrives March 20 on Disney+.