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Healthy Ever After: Dr Flava Gives health Tips



Dr. Flava

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In honor of national herbs and Spices, day-licensed pharmacist Dr. Tremaine Afeta Obor, also known as Doctor Flava, is here with us with tips on how to level up your meals with herbs and spices. She is an author, the author of How to Help Yourself, also an entrepreneur with our own lines of seasoning that I loved, just used it last night and since gal. 


How exactly can adding herbs and spices to our food level up our meals? 

So of course, you know, we’re eating so much more salt and it’s only recommended that we eat about a teaspoon per day. But if you have high blood pressure or family history, you only need to eat about 1600 milligrams. That’s why adding herbs and spices to your meals can really add flavor and complexity to creating a variety of flavor. Profiles and ones that I love the most is adding Carly, onion, thyme, Rosemary and pepper, and this will give you more of like an Italian Mediterranean flare. 

Or you can use the same base Erica and get rid of the Rosemary and add smoked paprika, cayenne, and celery and this will give you a more traditional or Creole Southern fire course. 

You know as a pharmacist. I understand how mixing the right herbs and spices can really allow you to enjoy eating those healthier dishes without all that extra salt, sugar and extra fat that can lead to a myriad of health issues. So that’s why it can really help to level up those meals. 


Let’s talk about the benefits of turmeric and ginger and oregano, and what’s the difference between a herb and a spice? 

So herbs and spices are great for flavoring of foods, but in many other cultures, we’re finding that we can use spices for healing our bodies, right? For herbs usually come from plants, and so when we’re using our spices to help our bodies, especially using things like ginger and turmeric, they’re really, really. Rate because they can help with anti-inflammatory properties and that’s good for your pain. It’s good for heart health. It also can improve immune function in nausea, and we’re seeing that more people are leading towards using more holistic practices, especially after COVID. So these are great spices to use. 

One of my favorite ways to use Ginger is in smoothies and I love to add it with kale, spinach and pineapple. And this is amazing and if you’re feeling a little sick, you’re coughing this is my go to help to boost your immune system. 

And then a regional, this is a great antiseptic. Also, it’s been shown to help with weight loss to get rid of the visceral fat which is that top layer of fat that can cover our organs. 

I am a pharmacist, so I always recommend that people are mindful because even though these are natural. It can cause bleeding or it can interact with certain medications, so always be mindful and then of course don’t just go out there and take a whole bunch of different herbs and mix them all together because. 


Do the herbs expire? Where should we be throwing them away? 

They don’t actually. They just lose their depth of flavor. And you can tell this by the color or how it smells if it’s if it has. Like a smell, you don’t smell. Get rid of it. 





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