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We are only a couple of weeks into the new year and the internet is already interneting. Nelly says that a woman’s claims about returning luggage filled with money to him are false.


As spotted on Complex the St. Louis, Missouri native has no idea what an unidentified woman is talking about on social media. Last week she took to Instagram and claimed she found a duffle bag that contained over $300,000 dollars in cash. While it isn’t clear where she found it or how she knew it belonged to Pimp Juice, she went on to return it to him and only was awarded a mere $100 dollars.

In the clip the woman can be seen with some of her friends and as a man narrates the alleged jig. “We up here at the bowling alley, she found Nelly bag, it had $300,000 in it,” he says while laughing at her. “And guess what she do? She gave it back.” The man then goes on to say she only got one hundred for her kindness.  “What they give you? Tell ’em what they give you.” He points the camera at himself, saying, “They gave her $100 f***ing dollars. … They gave her $100 for giving him back $300,000.”

Naturally, the story quickly picked up traction throughout several high-profile media outlets, prompting Nelly to clear the air. In the comment section of The Neighborhood Talk Mo wrote “Cap…SUUUUUUUPPPPPEEEEEERRRR CAAPPP.” He followed it up with another comment saying he did not fumble the bag. “I didn’t lose sh*t idk what bag or who’s bag they talkin bout but it dam show wasn’t mine.”

You can watch the clip below.


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