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Nas rarely does interviews but when he does Hip-Hop listens intently. In a recent Q&A he makes it clear that DMX was loved on another level when it comes to Rap music.

The Queensbridge, New York legend was a guest on the season finale of Desus & Mero. The Bodega Boys got God Son to discuss King’s Disease II and much more. In respect to the untimely passing of Darkman X, the duo asked Esco to detail his relationship with the Yonkers MC. To hear Nas tell it DMX was far more special than we are aware of; he spoke about their bond that was formed on the set of Belly.

“That was a great time man,” he revealed. “’Cause to come from music and go to Times Square to the premiere and see our names on the marquee—you know, growing up in New York, Times Square, 42nd Street was like the truth. Today it’s Disney World, but back then it was crazy. So to see my name there, that was like, ‘Aight I could quit doing everything now. I did it all.’”

He went on to speak on their brotherhood which needed very little maintenance. I didn’t have to see him, I didn’t have to call him, he didn’t have to call me,” Nas said. “When we saw each other though, it was…beyond. Even working on the film man, we cried, man. We was at the tunnel outside doing a scene and I was like, ‘You feel that bro? You know what’s happening?’ And he was like ‘yeah,’ and he started talking to me and he started crying, and then I’m crying.”

Jones also explained that being around DMX was an experience unto itself and that’s why the people connected with him. “This man, his energy is something else man, and people need to understand DMX had more love than most rappers will ever see. People said that when he passed, ‘Where was the love when he was alive?’ You got to be kidding me. He had more love than probably 98 percent of rappers will ever have.”

You can see the Desus & Mero episode below.

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