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Kevin Hart has made a phenomenal career of his comedy and acting. But “Chocolate Droppa” also has a knack for putting his size-9 feet in his mouth, and the funnyman did just that during an exchange with Don Cheadle as they discussed age on his new show for NBC’s Peacock, Hart to Heart.

Cheadle was talking about legacy and leaving something behind “so that when we’re not here, people are taken care of and hopefully last more than just one generation.” He then proceeded to use himself as a point of reference, saying, “But at the same time, like I said, me, I’m 56 years old…”

Hart swiftly put his whole lower leg, from the knee to the phalanges, in his piehole with one unfiltered blurt: “DAMN!”

Cheadle froze mid-convo for at least three seconds, which felt much longer due to the awkwardness, and Hart immediately apologized. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry because it was a thought…” Hart started off, but the Hotel Rwanda actor didn’t look like he was in the mood to hear it. “I don’t care,” Cheadle replied.

Hart was not going to let himself off the hook, though, and pushed forward with his apology. “It was a thought, and I blurted it out,” he explained to Cheadle. “I did not mean it that way.” Cheadle said he was fine, kind of like when your girlfriend says she’s fine, so Hart wanted to make him in the way an irritated “OK, but just understand I didn’t mean it the way it came out.”

“We’ll take a poll on how you meant it with people here later after the show’s over, but…” Cheadle retorted. Hart then engaged in some damage control, trying to smooth over the moment with a smile and revisionist history, repeating the word in a markedly milder tone.

“If we could play it back right now,” Cheadle clarified, “these are two different ‘damns.’” Cheadle certainly didn’t look like he was with the funnies – but Black Twitter thinks the whole exchange was hilarious. And so does Cheadle. The tension was so real that viewers are still divided as to whether Hart and Cheadle were acting or not.

What do y’all think? Check out some of the best reactions below:

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