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Equiliberty Launch

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Equiliberty, the technology company aiming to localize capital, and kick off our BlkTheGap campaign with our community of makers and creators, is ready to launch! BlkTheGap is a call-to-action for community leaders, business owners, government officials, banks, nonprofits, mentors, and other business development organizations to come together through Equiliberty to aid in blocking historic gaps in the capital market for a wealthier tomorrow. Be a part of the movement to BlkTheGap!

An event to commemorate the launching of Equiliberty will be held on Thursday, July 8, 2021, from 6-8 pm for media, community partners, and investors. Equiliberty’s focus is on building communities to solve the societal problems that perpetuate poverty. The social fintech platform is starting with the African American community and those who have been blocked from wealth-building opportunities by barriers layered with systemic and institutional racism. Measures to acquire funding to create a business or own a home, such as obtaining loans, investments, and other financial incentives, lack equal fairness. And therefore, enabling the Black community’s ability to own financial assets and build wealth.

According to a study conducted by the Institute for Policy Studies, if this current trend continues, the median wealth of Black Americans will be $0 by 2053. Equiliberty was created to end this historical injustice and provide underrepresented

individuals with the resources to secure financial independence. Most importantly, Equiliberty will serve as a platform to transition the wealth of talent and genius in underserved communities into a treasure of wealth, anchored by communal ownership. Thereby making the wealth creation process affordable to everyone.

“When I created Equiliberty, I envisioned a world where everybody has access to mentors. I know first-hand the importance of having a supportive network and community dedicated to your success,” states Phillip Yates, Houston Attorney and Founder of Equiliberty.

The inspiration towards building Equiliberty also came from Phillip Yates’ time with the Houston Area Urban League as a program coordinator at the Entrepreneurship Center and co-creator of the Small Business University program, which still holds to this day.

Yates continued on to say, “over the years, I’ve witnessed far too many people make the sacrifice for a better life. Only to see their dreams deferred, or in some cases, die at the graveyard, due to lack of access to capital and other resources needed to own financial assets or grow wealth in our economy. Where Robinhood, Stash, and Acorn have made it easier for

the everyday person to begin investing in stocks, Equiliberty will make it possible for communities to now invest in themselves.”

We want to show our gratitude to the community supporting Equiliberty’s initiative of closing the wealth gap. Thank you Radio One Houston, Houston Area Urban League, SCORE Houston, BLCK Market Houston, Buy the Block, 1301 Ventures, Tom Joyner Foundation, Next Wave Strategies, City of Houston District F Council member Tiffany D. Thomas, and

Diversity Fund Houston.

To learn more about Equiliberty, its mission and vision for building a wealthier tomorrow, and the impact the platform intends to make in our communities, please contact Dana Hewling at or visit