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Kash Doll is causing confusion and she seems to love it that way.

Earlier this week, Kash Doll‘s age once again was the topic of online discussion amongst her fans when the rapper tweeted out that she is currently 26-years old. According to online fan sites and Google, Kash Doll was born March 14, 1992, making her 28; but a few fans seem to think that the Detriot bred MC is actually older than that.

During her age troll session, one fan posted a picture of a woman who appears to be Kash Doll at her prom, enticing conspiracy theorists to piece together clues for the actual date of the phot–to no avail. While the general consensus appears to agree the photo is either from the very late 90s or the early to mid-2000, the photo still falls short of providing fans with the real age of the “On Sight” rapper.

Adding fuel to the age mystery, Kash Doll recently tweeted that she was “31” while participating in an online “30 plus” picture challenge, before following up with a tweet a few days later stating that she plans on saying she’s “29” next.

While many fans know that the rapper loves to troll about her age, Kash Doll did make it clear that she doesn’t plan on clearing up the confusion anytime soon after a fan agreed with the rapper that her age isn’t really that important.

“The fact that yall really stressing over @kashdoll age is hella funny I hope she neva say how old she really is,” the fan wrote, to which Kash Doll replied. “Neverrrrr.”

Check out Kash Doll’s debut album Stacked below.

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