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10,000 yards in the NFL is one thing. Having love interests such as Brandee Evans, starring in Straight Outta Compton and turning into one of those “Lord, who is THAT” actors in Hollywood, especially for Black women? Thomas Q. Jones is living a rather fascinating life.

The Virginia born Jones’ latest role has everybody turning heads in P-Valley, STARZ’ new hit show. Speaking with Keisha Nicole, Jones understood that joining the world of P-Valley would mean stepping into the Deep South but he didn’t know how deep.

“P-Valley is one of a kind show,” Jones said. “I worked with J. Alphonse Nicholson who plays Lil Murda, we worked on Tales with Irv Gotti in Atlanta last year. The whole time he kept telling me about this show, P-Valley. I figured it must be dope if he keeps talking about it. I ended up getting a call from Patrick Ian Polk, who’s the executive producer like 11 o’clock at night and he said, ‘We want you for this role, can you do a Southern accent? I was like, ‘I’m from Virginia but I don’t know how Southern you need it to be!’

Jones quickly realized that the area the show taps into, particularly the Memphis/Mississippi region, caused him to do a little research.

“I started watching Lil Boosie videos, I was like lemmme watch the most extreme people. Yo Gotti … I just started repeating what they were saying. I did a self-take audition the next day just to make sure I could do the audition. Next thing you know I’m on set in this crazy world with these crazy characters. Literally every day I went on set I said, ‘Where the hell am I?”


The former NFL back gave high praise for Evans, his P-Valley co-star as well as show creator Katori Hall. After premiering in mid-July, the series was picked up for a second season after only airing three episodes.

For Jones, acting is much like playing football. Memorizing a script is similar to memorizing a playbook and his next feature will involve a little reading gone awry. Titled DieRy, the film focuses on an Instagram model who uses her influence to pay her bills and tuition. Her diary, filled with secrets and information, gets stolen and the thief begins stalking her.

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