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DJ Screw said he’d screw up the world before his untimely death 20 years ago this November.

He already had a few imitators who did what he did on the turntables sloppily. He’d probably raise an eyebrow at what he’d be hearing on YouTube these days. The sounds of Slow + Reverb, a slowing technique popular on YouTube and TikTok have only continued to bring “Screw” into the mainstream — only problem is, a few people think what they’re doing is original.

In a video shared to TikTok earlier this week, a user gave a full breakdown of slow + reverb, crediting it to producer Slater and basically giving us the blandest milk version of explaining chopped and screwed to someone. Once the video was shared to Twitter, it had been viewed over one million times and prompted The Originator to trend.

Needless to say, Houstonians, screw heads, and virtually Texas (if not the world) took offense to such a notion.

Even Slater himself was offended at the notion that he created anything, telling a user that he would pay a decent amount to have the video removed from the face of the Earth.

“I will pay you $3,000 to have this scrubbed from the Internet,” he wrote. “for the record, i am and what I created are 10000% inspired and influenced by dj screw because that’s what i grew up on.”

So there you have it. Can you enjoy slow + reverb? Definitely. It’s a different variation on chopped and screwed. But what we aren’t going to do is disrespect Screw or the disciples that came after him from the Swishahouse and so on.

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