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Source: Anita Williams-Wright / facebook

Black people can’t even swim in peace. A white hotel employee called the cops on a Black woman and her kids, who were guests, who dared to use the swimming pool.

Of course, the headass employee in question was a Karen. The incident occurred at Williamston, North Carolina area Hampton By Hilton, and luckily video made it onto the Internets, and the racial discrimination was documented for all to see on Facebook Live.

The Black woman who made sure to hit record on her phone, Anita Williams-Wright, was not with the sh*ts.

“I feel it’s discrimination. I have a room here,” said Williams-Wright while holding her room key in the nearly 10-minute video that made it onto Facebook, “This lady here is discriminating [against] me. I have a key to get in and I can show you that it works… I have a room here. I don’t have to give my name. I didn’t break the law.”

Williams-Wright was addressing two police officers who had been summoned by the Karen who was clearling doing too much. She noted that she had a room key and was adamant that she did not need to identify herself or the room she was staying in since she had broken no laws. All while making the officers aware the employee did not ask two white people who were sitting near the pool about their business.

Added Williams-Wright, “She said to me, ‘Oh, because it’s always people like you using the pool unauthorized.’ Who is people like me?”

While her kids can be seen in the background enjoying the pool, Williams-Wright also began letting the cop know exactly where he went wrong, while the other was running her license plate. Williams-Wright eventually gathers her young son and daughter, and they leave.

The Hampton Inn got word of the footage, and the employee has been axed.

“Hampton by Hilton has zero tolerance for racism or discrimination of any kind. On Saturday, we were alerted to an online video of a guest incident at one of our franchise properties,” said Shruti Gandhi Buckley, the Global Head of Hampton by Hilton, a statement to USA Today. “The team member is no longer employed at the hotel.”

Hampton by Hilton has reportedly apologized directly to Anita Williams-Wright and her family.

Sadly, incidents like this happen way too often.

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