When I Call

I’m not a big fan of The Weekend’s “Earned It,” but I can say that Houston’s own Shun Ward is definitely giving him a run for his money. Shun’s voice has so much soul laced in it; it’s the type of sound that money can’t buy. Ward’s tone has the ability to take the most […]

Yung Martez is one of those dudes who can make music with substance and club jams that rock too. His “Struggle 2 Success” mixtape was one that I listened to the entire way through (without skipping any songs). I’m excited to see how he puts on for Houston, cause there’s no doubt in my mind […]

https://instagram.com/p/z5B55IprVa/?modal=true What’s up Houston?!? On my “Local Music Editor” business over the weekend & I come across little brother on Worldstar! And no it’s not a fight. LOL! Yung Martez had a GREAT year last year. On top of dropping a banging EP, he gained some regional radio success with his single “When I Call”. https://instagram.com/p/z21GnlprSD/?modal=true After […]

“When I Call” by Yung Martez is the theme song for anyone who has stood by your side through thick and thin. I think his new video (featuring Propain & Shun Ward) which co-stars Houston’s own Tresure P. is the perfect way to end Valentine’s Day Weekend. This video will relate to everyone who’s ever […]

I’m always at work building relationships with upcoming artist in Houston. Meet Yung Martez. You can find him in Houston’s notorious “5th Ward”. He’s been a staple in the Houston music scene for a few years now. From the groups MPS,(No N*gga Needed, That’s My Lil Dip) Yung Martez is trying his hand at a […]