Black riders are more likely to receive cancellations or have a longer wait times compared to White riders, according to a new study.

I don’t watch much TV. But I have been giving my DVR a workout behind WGN’s, Underground. I can’t stop watching it. It’s great television. The story lines and character plots pull you in. If you hadn’t had a chance to check it out, you can purchase season 1 now! It’s worth it. Season 2 […]

It’s dope to me when guests stop by my show and then go on to accomplish great things. Maceo Smedley may only be 9-Years-Old, but our interview goes down in the books as one of my favorites. I’ve talked to major celebrities who were three times his age, but were as engaging as watching some […]

If you haven’t seen WGN’s “Underground” yet, there’s 5 good reasons why we should watch: John Legend is one of the executive producers. Journee Smollett is the lead actress. Houston’s own Maceo Smedley makes a bunch of appearances!!! It shares a story that needs to be told about the Underground Railroad. It actually has quite […]