Vivica A. Fox sat down with Wendy Williams on her talk show recently and discussed getting married to her boyfriend Slimm and having children with him in the near future. Is he a keeper? Do you want to have a baby and get married? Absolutely. I think my career has been my baby for such […]

Just one day after announcing their breakup Vivica Fox’s young cub, Slimm, says the couple is now working out their issues. Here’s what Slimm had to say about the breakup: I want to clear the air about the rushed statement released yesterday about Vivica and I breaking up. Sometimes a person may act out of […]

Looks like Vivica Fox is back on the dating scene…Vivica and her Atlanta nightlife promoter boyfriend Slimm have called it quits!

Check out the trailer for “Love Chronicles” starring Vivica Fox, Mike Epps, Elise Neal and Ving Rhames. It’s the follow up to the first ‘Love Chronicles’ installment, which stars Terrence Howard, Robin Givens and LisaRaye.

I hear Vivica is planning to launch a line of wigs. Get your money girlie! Check out the gallery of Vivica posing!!

Seems like Vivica Fox’ new boyfriend has a case of the wandering eye!!!

Vivica A. Fox talks about selling her house, her TV Guide Oscar gig and more with Wendy Williams.

In a recent interview, Lisa Raye called out Vivca Fox for swapping spit in public with her new boy toy but now pics have surfaced of him whispering sweet nothings in her ear…

Check out Vivica Fox as she is transformed by Derek Blank into her "Alter Ego".