It looks like all is well in the world of 50 Cent's past and present wifeys now that ex-GF Vivica Fox and current girl Cuban Link have apparently made up over the weekend.

Vivica A. Fox's recent revelation of love for 50 Cent didn't go over too well with his current girlfriend, model Cuban Linx.

Vivica opens up about her marriage to singer Christopher Harvest and ... 50 Cent being the love of her life?

Vivica A. Fox opens up about diversity in Hollywood, her fitness routine, keeping her body in shape and taking on a new hobby- Kika Stretching.

Fox's diagnosis was announced during E!'s pre-show of the 72nd Emmy Awards on Sunday (September 20).

Vivica Fox is all for a Kill Bill sequel, but with a new spin. During an interview with NME Vivica Fox revealed her ideas for the follow up sequel, that will be the first in 17 years, to the cult classic. The actress, who played Vernita Green in the 2003 classic and now stars in drug kingpin thriller Arkansas, confirmed last month that Quentin Tarantino and Uma Thurman were in talks with the real possibility of a sequel.

Vivica never minces words and she had a choice few for her ex 50 Cent who deserves every bit of this read!

It looks like Vivica A. Fox has cooked up enough drama to earn her a peach on RHOA.

Earlier this year fans were hype to find out that a Set It Off remake was on the table and that Issa Rae was set to produce it. One star of the classic original, Vivica A. Fox is here to tell you that she isn’t here for the remake — at all. “It’s a classic, […]

Fourteen years after they broke up, 50 Cent and Vivica A. Fox are still trading shots at one another. And it works like a cycle: Viv says something, Fif responds, Fif isn’t happy, the cycle continues. Well, Aunt Viv brought up 50’s sex game (again) with the NY Daily News while promoting her new book, […]

If there’s a magic to longevity, Vivica A. Fox posses it. The Black Magic star is enchanting on the March/April cover of Sheen Magazine. Vivica reveals the major keys to her success and opens up about big directorial debut. “I directed a video for a new client that I’m working with name– Thomas Hobbs called […]

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If you were lucky enough to check out the premiere of Lifetime’s new sexy show Vivica’s Black Magic from Vivica A. Fox, you already know why it’s been the talk of the town since it debuted last week. However, controversy popped up over recent comments made by Fox and a back and forth between her […]