The 90’s rap star Vanilla Ice can be seen in video having a meltdown at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport for missing his flight out. Vanilla Ice, real name Robert Van Winkle, was recorded by a female bystanders with a description of calling what anger a “temper tantrum.” The woman and other bystanders were also blaming […]

During an exclusive interview back in 1996 with ABC, Robert Van Winkle aka Vanilla Ice. Vanilla debut his album Hook back in 1989 with Ichiban Records. It was before he signed with SBK Records, a label of the EMI Group… EMI was the label who released the album To the Extreme back in the 1990’s […]

“Ice Ice Baby” rapper, Vanilla Ice (pictured) aka Robert Van Winkle, was arrested Wednesday and charged with grand theft and burglarizing a Florida residence according to WABC 7…

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Alright, stop, collaborate, and…wait, what?  ABC News reported today that Vanilla Ice was arrested for Burglary in Florida.  According to reports, property that had been…

  Former rapper Vanilla Ice had one of the biggest hits of the early 90s with “Ice Ice Baby.” The hit rap song featured a…


The Latest Music, Celebrities and Interviews:  If you only watch one viral video today, stop, collaborate and listen to this mix as 280 movies unite in a single video to “sing” Vanilla Ice‘s classic, “Ice Ice Baby.” The video, which hit YouTube yesterday, is quickly becoming a favorite on the web. Check the video out […]

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Since the greatest rapper of all time is white, we thought a tribute to the best white rappers ever is definitely needed. Peep the gallery inside the story!