On this day in 1982, Michael Jackson released his sixth studio album, Thriller, which became the best selling album of all time and changed the game of music in numerous ways. https://twitter.com/bycycle/status/936264695224455168 Things were different in 1982 when Michael was declaring that the kid is not his son and moonwalked through graveyards. But imagine if […]

The upcoming movie Get Out tells the story of a young African-American man who visits his White girlfriend’s family estate, and gets caught up in a more sinister reason for the invitation.

Michael Jackson‘s landmark album “Thriller” was released 33 years ago and still remains a classic musical masterpiece. With only 9 tracks on the original “Thriller” album, hits such as “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin'” to “Billie Jean” to “P.Y.T” will never be forgotten. “To be able to say that “Thriller” still holds the record as the biggest-selling album […]

Kendrick Lamar recently caught up with famed music producer Quincy Jones for HYPETRAK Magazine: Volume 2. The two met at a studio in California, where…

The San Diego Padre’s Tony Gwynn “Mr. Padre”, passed away June 16, 2014, from oral cancer. This was something that Gwynn was diagnosed with after years of chewing tobacco. The San Diego club retired his No. 19 jersey in a ceremony held at their stadium in 2004, in 2005, the street where the stadium is […]

Dos Cadenas is back!!! (2 Chainz in Spanish) Some people aren’t feeling his twist on his MJ “Thriller” inspired video for “Freebase”. Honestly I like the video. I didn’t take any offense to them taking  inspiration from MJ. I mean aren’t we supposed to take direction from the best to ever do it? Enjoy!!! Here’s […]

Lady Gaga has over $2 Million dollars worth of Michael Jackson memorabilia and she’s considering opening a special museum for it. According to Complex.Com, Gaga wants the help from MJ’s children to make sure it’s done right. This superstar felt as though The King of Pop’s tour clothes was worth more than everything (even his […]

Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” is an epic 13-minute short mini-movie (video) released December 2, 1983 that changed the game for music videos. It was MTV’s first world premiere video. The video was also voted as the most influential pop music video of all time. Guinness World Records had “Thriller” listed it in 2006 as the “most successful […]

     Who saw this coming? It’s been 30 years since we’ve seen Ola Ray in the most well-known music videos of all time, Michael Jackson‘s…

Tune in @9am for a Special Edition Star Wars Mix. We can all agree that Off The Wall and Thriller are Michael Jackson’s best albums of all-time. What we can’t agree on is which is the best one. Off The Wall boast album sales of over 20 million and had three songs reach #1 on […]

Once upon a time an artist could make a great album and promote it for a long time, instead of doing a new one almost…