Police received a call from someone saying Wayne Carter, 43, had a knife and was threatening to hurt himself. Carter was in the corner of the room with a knife in his hand, and he stood up, he yelled at police while stabbing himself all over his body with a 12-inch kitchen knife.  Carter allegedly threw […]

Take your thumb and lay it across your biceps. Now dig in firmly. Chances are it hurts. If not, feel free to press down hard on your thigh with your fist. If that too doesn’t hurt, then you probably have good muscle quality. If it hurts, there’s work to do. That’s free strength and agility […]

World AIDS Day is a time to not only reflect on those suffering from H.I.V. and A.I.D.S  but also to contribute to finding a cure. With one of the more creative campaigns we’ve seen, singer Alicia Keys has launched her “Digital Death”  fundraiser featuring celebrities from Justin Timberlake to Ryan Seacrest all signing off of Twitter. They […]


Speculating that President Barack Obama will replace Vice President Joe Biden with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on the 2012 ticket has been a private pastime among some Democrats over the past few months, and it broke into the open Tuesday night when investigative reporter Bob Woodward said in an interview on CNN it was a […]


Random drug testing isn’t unusual at private schools, but it’s new for public schools in the Houston area. The policy change is a direct result of a drug bust at Columbia High School last April. Sixteen students were charged with felonies after undercover officers discovered they were selling everything from marijuana to cocaine. That was […]


Forty billionaires have responded to the challenge by philanthropists Warren Buffett and Bill and Melinda Gates to publicly pledge the majority of their wealth to philanthropy. It’s called The Giving Pledge. Click here to read the full story.

Keith Sweat talks about the state of the music business and his reality show.  Click here to hear the interview. Click here for more info on Keith Sweat.

Paul Wall talks to The Maddhatta Morning Show about Hip-Hop 4 HIV Concert.