God bless the Texans to keep bringing home the win! Errbody zoomed up to Sonic for their free slush in celebration of the Texans  beating the Washington Football Team last week. Did you get one? Via htccheer1 channel YouTube: So after a BIG win by the #TEXANS… the HTCs celebrate by hitting that Shmoney […]

You can order your 2014/15 @TexansCheer Swimsuit Calendar HERE-> http://t.co/nstADqb8aC #BabesOnParade #GoTexans pic.twitter.com/YbCCH1VItK — HTC_Speaker (@HTC_Speaker) July 21, 2014 (HOUSTON)– Houston’s about to get hotter as…

G man and The Chile got a surprise from the Texans Cheerleaders Check it out.    

Thank you to @Marco4rmHouston For The 40 Photos of the Houston Texan Cheerleaders.This should help us make it thru the bye week. See photos


Should J-Mac try out for the Texans Cheerleaders?Market Research