When I first saw this story I shook my head!  What?!?! You did WHAT?!?!?!  But as you read the story you almost start to feel bad for the girlfriend and more understand of why he made this attempt to help her.  It all about LOVE! Awwwwww! Love can’t help pay that $2000 fine though! OUCH! […]


Amir Diamond (@WhosYourDiamond), one of our newest members of the Box Squad got a bunch of 3rd graders to spit somethin’ during Carroll Elementary’s Career Day on Wheels this morning. This is what they came up with! LOL TOO CUTE! Watch:

Rapper Future just found out that he is the father to a 10 year old boy while in the meantime his baby momma of his 2 month old blasts him on Twitter!!  CLICK HERE TO READ MORE!

Via On Jan. 3, parents and students at Clear Lake High School were told that a large number of students were suspected of cheating on the English IV final exam. The suspicion prompted Clear Creek ISD to disqualify the test for all students, giving them the option to either retake the exam or have […]

North East Campus Houston Community College. KNOW YOUR STATUS People are coming out to get tested, and get their ticket for the HIP-HOP FOR HIV CONCERT July 30, 2011.

A highly anticipated test designed to measure pressure within BP's ruptured Gulf of Mexico oil well began Thursday after a delay caused by leaking equipment.


Your RealAge is the biological age of your body, based on how well you've maintained it.

Major Parker and Regina King visited our Radio One - Houston studios to promote HIV testing.

Find out HIV/AIDS is transmitted, who's at risk, and making safe decisions for you and your partner.


Rapper and Haiti's "unofficial Ambassador" Wyclef Jean has already obtained more than $1 million dollars in donations for HAITI relief.