Finally, it’s here the first trailer for Zach Snyder’s superhero epic Justice League has arrived! Initially teased in Snyder’s”hit” film Batman V Superman, we finally get to see Batman (Ben Affleck) and Wonder Woman’s (Gal Gadot) team of metahumans assembled to take on evil forces awakened by the events of Batman V Superman. We get […]

'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' hits theaters at midnight tonight, and the debate is on. If you were lucky enough to already see it, you might have some strong opinions.

It’s finally here the new full Batman vs Superman “Dawn Of Justice” and I must say the Pimparelli is geeked. Viewers in the U.S. were treated to the epic clip during late night chat show Jimmy Kimmel following an appearance by Ben Affleck. In it, we catch a glimpse of the film’s Villian- Doomsday. The […]

Batman vs Superman set to be released in theaters for May 6, 2016 is going to be good! There has been some upset about who was cast as the heroes. In my research I found the funny fact that the day following Ben Affleck being cast as Batman, he worked out everyday for two hours. […]

VIEWERS DISCRETION ADVISED FOR EXPLICIT LANGUAGE.  They call themselves the Hulk and Superman!  Check out this bodybuilding duo as they exhibit unbelievable feats of strength.

You might remember this summer when Shaq called Houston “A Small Town” when asked about Dwight Howard’s signing with The Houston Rockets. Well he called into the afternoon show when he heard comedian Cory Holcomb, Chile and myself talking about his “Shaq Shoes”. You know we had to ask about his comments, it seems he […]

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Went to the movies this past Sunday to see Man of Steel.  I loved it! I left the movies thinking about Lois Lane and Superman’s relationship.  Even though it’s a movie, I wonder if many people can relate to the dynamics of their relationship. Do you believe Lois Lane was in love with Superman? I do. […]


It’s always interesting when recently retired players become sports commentators. With memories of the court or field still fresh in their heads, they haven’t quite developed the level of objectivity of some of their peers. Since retiring from the NBA Shaquille O’Neal has become an analyst for TNT.  When recently asked to name the best […]


(via Entertainment Weekly) Diversity has come to Metropolis!  In a surprising but exceptional act of color blind casting, actor Laurence Fishburne has been tapped to play The Daily Planet’s editor-in-chief Perry White in the upcoming Superman reboot Man of Steel. Fishburne’s character  will  crack the whip when it comes his two star reporters, Lois Lane and […]


First Wonder Woman got a makeover, and now the Man of Steel is debuting a new look of his own. The redrawing will appear in“Superman: Earth One,” a new graphic novel retelling of the origin of the super hero which DC Comics says is “Superman for the 21st century.” Does the modern Superman look a […]