An ex-employee of a Versace retail store in the Bay area is calling out his former employers for extreme racist behavior. According to the former staffer, Versace secretly alerts staffers when an African-American person enters the store. In the lawsuit filed by the man, it says that a manager told him about a store code called “D410,” which […]

Wow that is so crazy. I don’t understand  how people can have no love for life that they can just do this to other human beings SMH. Over the weekend, two alleged “best friends,”  and struggle rappers, got into a heated argument about who was the better artist (seriously) at their video shoot, which left one […]

  Drake‘s new album is causing a stir in more places than just Twitter. An alleged fight broke out at the New York City location…

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  When shopping in certain areas of Detroit, you better make sure you are looking around for cameras, but we don’t mean surveillance cameras, we mean cell…


(Huntsville, AL)  —  An adults-only store in Alabama that challenged a law banning sex toys is at it again.  “Pleasures” owner Sherri Williams says it will be the first store in the nation to offer adult toys and lotions at a drive-up window.  Purchases from the Huntsville store, housed in a former bank building, will […]


(Bel Air, MD)  —  Authorities in Maryland are searching for suspects who staged a covert operation to steal copies of the new “Call of Duty: Black Ops” video game.  The Harford County Sheriff’s Office says the theft occurred Sunday night, just as the GameStop in the Festival at Bel Air shopping center was closing.  The […]