Fresno, California's Jalen Bailey says he's only following in his Mama's entrepreneurial footsteps.

Jelina Sheppard's words of gratitude, love and inspiration will give you all the feels.

A new bill would prevent single mother's from receiving a birth certificate for their child if they refuse to list the father.

Why No Man Should DATE a Single Mother by Ebrahim Aseem ~Author of the book, “Why Men Cheat on Loyal Women” Single Mothers don’t have poor taste in men. It’s not her fault she chose a “baby daddy”. She just confided in a boy she thought was a man. It’s hard to judge a book […]

Mommies, good day to you! I understand how taxing everything can be on us. We understand that parenting and our children are blessings but things no doubt get tough. Check out my helpful tips in the video below to begin to decompress and let go of the stress! You rock!

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SINGLE LADIES, MOMMIES,WOMEN…How you doin? I was thinking the other to ask you ladies this question: What things do you consider when dating as a single mother? As loving mothers, we don’t date just for ourselves, we ideally aim for a man who will love us and our children. He has to be willing to […]

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    Hey guys @jjonthemic here, I’m so glad to hear from my fellow single mom who wrote in to @snglmomsrock to ask advice on dating. Check out what I hope helps single mommies wanting to date!


  Hey guys JJ here! As you may know I am a single mother in the city of Houston! While I do love my little jelly bean to the ends of the earth, mama need love too.. You feel me? Check out the video below I share more of my feelings on this. Shout out […]

If you’re a single mother, you should really be worried! The poverty data released this week from the U.S. Census is a harsh reminder of what the economic toll for single mothers. Two-thirds (66 percent) of low-income African American children live in single-mother households. According to the Huffington Post, In September the Economic Policy Institute […]