A Norfolk, Va couple admitted that the reason for their public sex that took place in the middle of the day and in the middle of a parking lot of a shopping center was from having one too many to drink. When they were asked if this was something that would happen again, Kimberly Jackson […]

Did you know that there were five different types of orgasms? Well, according to the NeuroQuantology, an interdisciplinary journal of Neuroscience and Quantum Physics site, “expanded orgasms induce a different state of consciousness, or “orgasmic consciousness”, whereas many forms of altered states of consciousness (ASC) can be observed.” There are five ways here that are explaining to […]

As beautiful and famous as Caitlyn Jenner is, she still has a tough time when it comes to dating. On the latest episode of I Am Cait,…


We all have temptations, but none of us ever get everything that we ask for.

We all want to believe that love should meet us where we are, but will it?

Sex comes with a lot of questions, but are you asking them?

In the Victorian era, doctors would use orgasms to help women with hysteria.

It’s one of America’s greatest paradoxes that no matter how diverse we become, the discomfort people feel when talking about race is never appeased. In most parts of the country, you will see countless mixed-race couples and yet, the complicated nature of our country’s sordid racial past means many people still have that initial knee-jerk reaction to […]

Cheating is a terrible, terrible thing. And yet and many of us have had a penchant for doing it. Some people believe it’s because we’re…

Tired of all those men spitting relationship advice to you and your girls? Well, not to worry because comedienne and The Real cohost, Loni Love…