Sauce Walka is legit one of the most talented artist I’ve had the pleasure of working with. After a small pause to make sure his business was in order, the “Sauce Father” has been spilling new flavor here recently. Check out this braggadocios ode to the “SAUCE”, Sauce Baby. Keep spilling and dripping flavor brother. […]

New reports claim the rapper lied about who he's bedded in the Kardashian camp on his new track.

The Compton emcee released a new song over the weekend in which he claims to have smashed three of the Kardashian sisters.

Brush up with some more fresh slang, so you can survive in these streets! Get The Latest Music and Entertainment News On Your Phone Sus – a person or activity that is suspicious (ex: “Why is your phone always on silent? That’s sus…”)   Sauce – a special formula of street credibility or “juice” (ex: “He […]

I was 50/50 when I first heard this song, until I took a step back and realized that this a kid who looks like he actually has his life together. He’s not talking too crazy; he’s just super hype and rapping about having confidence. I can rock with a young man like that. He has […]

Sauce Walka from the Sauce Twins disses Drake in his Wack 2 Wack freestyle,  Check it out below! Related Links: Sauce Walka: I Did Drake’s Career A Favor By Letting Him On My Song [Exclusive Interview] Related Links: Sauce Attack!!! New Music From Sauce Twinz!!!

Always good to see the home team shining!!! New music from ATL’s “Migos” & Houston’s “Sauce Boys” Sauce Walka & Sosamann! Proud of these guys grind! Check out “Follow The Dripping”. Let’s keep supporting these guys!!! Earlier today Waka Flocka had a “Sauce Attack” Follow Us On Instagram + Vine!!! 979TheBox / HardbodyKiotti Follow Us On Twitter!!! 979TheBox / Kiotti Like […]