Sam DuBose

Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters told reporters that his office will request a second trial for Ray Tensing in a different county.

Plus, the National Museum of African-American History overwhelmed with visitors and hundreds of HBCU students march to the polls to urge people to vote.

When asked by Terina Allen, the sister of Sam Dubose -- a Black man fatally shot by former University of Cincinnati officer Ray Tensing during a traffic stop last year -- about police accountability, Sanders insisted that institutional racism police reform would be priority if he were to become president.

Family Lawyer Mark O'Mara said that Samuel DuBose would have been cast as the perpetrator in his death if former cop Ray Tensing wasn't wearing the body camera that captured DuBose's final moments.

The two University of Cincinnati police officers who were present at the scene of Sam Dubose‘s death will not be facing any charges. According to reports,…

Former Cincinnati Cop Ray Tensing got quite the special treatment while in prison.

The UC Officer who was indicted for murder after shooting and killing an unarmed Sam Dubose has posted his $1 million bond, having been released…