Two people in Florida were greeted with a disgusting surprise when they were ready to eat a Organic Marketside Spring Mix salad and… found a dead bat. Even worse, they discovered the deceased mammal after already taking a bite of their salad. The food was purchased from Walmart and now there has been a regional recall of […]

Tank took to Instagram to promote #saladwednesdays lol.  He wants other men to stand up if they like getting their salad tossed or at least to try it.

Hey guys we had a chance to have some fun in the kitchen with award-winning executive chef Art Smith. He has not only been a personal day-to-day chef for celebrities, he is also co-owner of several restuarants and the recipient of culinary’s highest awards. He has made it a point to share some knowledge on […]

(Undated)  —  If you have a bag of Dole salad in your fridge, listen up.  The company says it’s recalling more than 750 cases of bagged salad due to salmonella concerns.  The bags of Seven Lettuces salad have a use-by date of April 11th, 2012.  No illnesses have been reported but a random sample test […]