Russell Westbrook

According to new reports, the remaining OKC Thunder player was pretty pissed that KD left him hanging.

The former Oklahoma City Thunder player was present for the press conference where he announced he was taking his talents to the Golden State Warriors, but in such a controlled environment all of the tough questions were easily avoided.

This guy Kevin Durant is whack! The NBA superstar has come to an 2 year deal with over 50 million with Golden State. How do you go to a team that beats you, after you were up 3-1 in a conference finals? That’s like me getting beat up and asking that person, “Can I ride […]

Guess who’s not done going off yet??? Yep, my new favorite trouble maker, Russell Westbrook. This time he has a little help from his teammate, Kevin Durant. The victims??? Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban & players… I love the fight this team has. LOL! K.D. is a free agent next year by the way. This […]

That Russell Westbrook is growing on me. When you get past the funny clothes, he’s a solid dude. Check out his latest rant on a fan. Now he gets extra credit because it was a Dallas Mavericks fan… LOL! (Sorry DJ Hi C). I would advise him to be careful. In this world I know […]

The Golden State Warriors pushed their historic record to 53-5 on Saturday night with a victory against the Oklahoma City Thunder, but it was certainly…

NBA player Russell Westbrook married his college sweetheart Nina Earl over the weekend.

NBA star Russell Westbrook is officially off the market as he and his beautiful college sweetheart tied the knot this weekend, according to People magazine. The Oklahoma City Thunder point guard married Nina Earl in Beverly Hills Saturday. The pair has been dating since they met at UCLA. Both were college basketball players for the university. […]

Russell Westbrook and Nina Earl will wed in a low-key ceremony in Beverly Hills this weekend.