Chicago police arrested and charged a second suspect in the death of a woman who fled from armed robbery. Up to eight suspects could have been involved in the robbery attempt.

In Maryland a 7-year old kid took matters into his own hands when he saw an armed robber. In the surveillance footage, you see the first grader on the other side of the store when the robbers entered. The kid’s parents said that after his soccer practice they went out to eat and when leaving […]

If you’re Brooklyn rapper Foxy Brown with the ill na na, losing your bag at the airport is not only annoying, it’s expensive. Foxy says she arrived at LAX last week and attempted to retrieve her Gucci suitcase from baggage claim, but it was gone. To make matters worse, she says there was $100,000 worth […]

It seems these days, rapper DMX can't stay on the straight and narrow path

You read this headline and you think, ‘who would rob a make-a-wish foundation?’ and you’re right… who would do that? Well, it happened in the San Francisco area last weekend when two thieves decided to break-in, ransack and steal the items that were collected for a child who was on the list of the Make-a-Wish. […]

Seven people have been arrested in the death of a $434,000 lottery winner, who was killed during a home invasion in January in Fitzgerald, Georgia, according to the New York Daily News.

The bullet went through Officer Couch's eye and pierced his brain.

Bobby Love, born Walter Miller, was released from prison on Jan. 5 after his true identity was revealed to his wife of 30 years and their four children. In 1977, Love escaped from prison in North Carolina, where he was serving a 10-year sentence for a bank robbery.

An 18-year-old Atlanta native livestreamed the moment after three men opened fire on her car as she, her mother, and a friend were ordering from a Burger King drive-thru in Florida early Tuesday morning. According to the Miami Herald, Donesha Gantt was with two women at a Burger King in Opa-locka, when three gunmen shot a total […]

Cleanthony is the second Knick to recently be involved in an off the court incident, as teammate Derrick Williams was robbed of more than $600,000 worth of jewelry just last month.

There is a chance Sean will be able to get all of his jewelry and unpublished music back.