I learn something new everyday. I never knew my homie Riff Raff was mean with his tennis game! I’ve looked at this video about 10 times & can’t tell if it’s real or fake. Either way, Riff Raff is going in! Like he looks Wimbledon ready. Enjoy ! Follow Us On Instagram + Vine!!! 979TheBox / HardbodyKiotti Follow […]

In all honesty, Riff Raff is probably the biggest rap artist in Houston right now. Especially from a social media stand point. Whenever I saw Diddy post Riff Raff’s latest single on Instagram, I knew he had a real record. Say what you want, Riff Raff has been true to his Houston roots. Even if […]

On my local music grind. One of the most interesting people on social media has got to be Jody Highroller. (aka Houston’s own Riff Raff) We’ve been supporting Jody Highroller aka “Riff Raff” on Late Night Hype. His latest single “How To Be The Man” has guest features from Slim Thug & Paul Wall. Check […]

      Houston, we have a problem. Riff Raff is finally famous. No, really!!! The “G’s To Gents” guy is now “Drake’s Last New Friend”. Last week I was approached by LA Weekly for a feature story on Riff Raff. I was just like, “Riff Raff is really making some noise”. Neff, Myspace, & […]

I am just about over “social media”. I don’t want to remember one more password, email, inbox, DM… Nothing! I love being connected. It is just very “time consuming”. I like Instagram because you can show your artistic side. If “IG” isn’t artistic enough for you… meet “Vine”. Vine is an app which allows you […]