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You’ve reached your breaking point. All you can think about is chucking the deuces and saying to hell with your dead end job. But you can’t. While you know you can’t burn bridges, you can certainly make your exit just as jazzy as your entrance. Here’s how: Update your resume Keep a running list of your brag-worthy accomplishments. […]

Special Features

Make your resume stand out from the pack with these expert tips.

At one point during my search for employment after law school, I sent roughly 10 to 12 resumes off to law firms each day. I…

  Alicia Keys is looking for a Head Blogger for her new site http://www.IAAS.com (I Am A Superwoman). According to the monster job listing, The goal of IAAS.com (I Am A Super Woman) is to create an online community connecting, inspiring, and broadcasting important topics related to women. You will be the main voice of […]


Job seekers do themselves a disservice when they send out résumés with too much information. Employers don't have the time or the patience to sift through irrelevant information like your hobbies, interests or how many grandchildren you have. Just stick to the basics and you're good to go. Here are 10 things to leave off your résumé and why: