The woman who called the police said this could have all been avoided if Lowe would have asked to use her bathroom instead.

Be clear… I will not EVER rock with a team that beats my team. Period! Golden State Warriors are a great team. Steph Curry is a great player. But I’m 1000% with the Houston Rockets. Win, Lose, or Draw. Hanging around Arian Foster, I’ve learned one thing about athletes. They are human too. One time […]


An award-winning veteran of Pittsburgh news station WTAE was fired from her post after 18 years for grossly stereotyping Black people as criminals with "multiple siblings and multiple fathers" in a racist Facebook post.

It looks like the infamous “Apparently Kid” has met his match… When 6-year-old Arlillia saw the cameras, she knew it was her time to shine. After taking the microphone from a reporter, Arlillia sent a special shout-out to her grandfather by saying, “Papa if you’re not watching your granddaughter, you need to watch your granddaughter […]

Drake donned a wig, a fake beard, and glasses as he took over the “Lie Witness News” for a special “I Witness News” on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Thursday night. Drake asked passerby’s on the streets of Hollywood what they thought of him. Check out the hilarious responses. He even got one aspiring artist to compose […]

After only 8 months of working his new gig at BET, TJ says “PEACE OUT!”  CLICK HERE FOR MORE!


It seems like the full moon and all the police lights pulled the alleged drunk drivers out of hiding Friday night and Saturday morning. Just…


Weatherman gets PISSED and Walks OFF on LIVE TV! (SEE VIDEO) Source