Gucci Mane says all of these new rappers you are listing to are his children LOL. If you don’t believe me you can check it out for yourself below!

  Wow! I know people are fans. But how much would you spend for a painting? I’m a regular radio dad/DJ enthusiast who enjoys a nice piece of art. My top budget would be about $750. And it would have to be a bomb ass portrait… Which rapper just spent over 60k for a painting […]

It’s not often that the media portrays our black men in a good light, so it was dope to see this story about how 2 Chainz helped out a family of 11. Honestly, this isn’t the first time that I’ve seen Chainz giving back to his community. We need more rappers doing great deeds like […]

COMEDY.  THIS IS PURE COMEDY…. Let’s face it, the standard of Rap music these days is so low that now pretty much anyone with vocal chords and a beatbox can join in. With Hip Hop music sales falling  like a manic-depressive lemming on crack, the business is pretty much an open market. Why not exploit the masses, bukkake world […]

Mike Tyson is a legend and the stories he tells are equally as epic, including the time he met an unknown rapper named Tupac.

I was 50/50 when I first heard this song, until I took a step back and realized that this a kid who looks like he actually has his life together. He’s not talking too crazy; he’s just super hype and rapping about having confidence. I can rock with a young man like that. He has […]

So, it’s safe to say Freddie Gibbs supports the Second Amendment. In a new interview with LA Weekly, Gibbs subtly mentioned that in his spare time he shops…

I try my best not to make joke on social media that come across as hurtful. Last week, I contemplated on whether or not I should post a meme about “Fetty Wap.” I ended up following through with my decision, because it’s a joke that’s funny regardless of his vision disability. It made me feel […]

Young Thug is working hard, continuously dropping songs that his fan base will eat right up. “Be Me See Me” is Thugger’s latest musical contribution…