R. Kelly

The woman who posted a $100,000 bond for R. Kelly earlier this year wants her money back because the embattled singer is currently in federal custody on numerous aggravated sexual assault charges. A Chicago judge has ruled she can’t get it back … at least for now. A Cook County judge ruled that Valencia Love, who posted the […]

The stories the public are getting regarding the legal troubles of R. Kelly have been nothing short of sensational given his fame and ordeal, lending an avenue for some tall tales to be told. According to prosecutors, they say the beleaguered R&B singer is lying about his ordeal in solitary confinement that was reported last […]

Cues the world’s smallest violins. The alleged sexual predator R. Kelly is miserable in jail and since he’s illiterate he is unable to read his fan mail, per his lawyer. The R&B crooner’s lawyer, Steve Greenberg, his client is a fighter, despite being a spiritual man who can’t read his own Bible. Reports the Chicago […]

R. Kelly is facing even more sex crime charges. The embattled singer is facing two counts of engaging in prostitution with an individual under 18 years old and offering to hire for sexual purposes a person under 18. The events allegedly took place with an underage girl in Minneapolis in July 2001. During a news conference […]

R. Kelly has lost another member of his team as the singer’s crisis manager Darrell Johnson has stepped down from his position. According to a message Johnson sent to journalist Tia Ewing, Johnson stepped down on Monday citing a personal reason. “Mr. Kelly is in good hands with [lawyer] Mr. [Steve] Greenberg!” Johnson wrote. His departure was […]

R. Kelly isn’t going anywhere. A judge ruled today (July 16) that the accused child sexual predator will be held without bond as he awaits federal trial. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, prosecutors described the “I Believe I Can Fly” singer as “an extreme danger to the community, especially to minor girls” during a hearing […]

R. Kelly has been arrested, again. This time, the controversial crooner has been pinched on federal sex trafficking charges. As long was rumored, the Feds had R’uh on their radar. The New York Times reports that on Thursday night (July 11), federal agents arrested him for charges that include child pornography. The “I Believe I […]

via TMZ The Henry County District Attorney tells TMZ … James Mason was indicted Thursday on one felony count of making terroristic threats. We’re told the felony charge is punishable by 1 to 10 years in prison. We broke the story … Joycelyn Savage’s father, Timothy Savage, went to cops in May 2018 claiming Mason called him and said, “I’m gonna […]

On Thursday, Cook County prosecutors filed a new series of sexual assault charges against R. Kelly. 11 new felony counts were filed against the singer, including charges that carry a potential sentence of up top 30 years in prison. They are believed to be the most serious charges he’s faced yet. The alleged offenses took […]

R. Kelly might as well rent out a vacant lot in Struggle-Ville, because the R&B singer has been taking lumps left and right. After Kelly’s bank accounts were seized by a creditor, he was left with negative $13 in his account according to court documents. The Blast reports: According to court documents obtained by The […]

On, February 18, 2003, Carter alleged that Kelly called her in to braid his hair. Later, he asked her to massage his head.