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Anthony Riley, 28, a beloved Philadelphia street performer who rose to fame as a fan favorite on the most recent season of NBC’s “The Voice,”…

  Late night talk shows are usually good t.v. Not because it’s anything crazy, or unusual. I just love how they try to “one up” each other. Last night, Jimmy Fallon & The Roots did a great job. Check out Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” classroom instruments version! Enjoy!!!     Did you see the Jimmy […]

We receive another heater courtesy of Kelly Rowland with “Street Life.” On paper, the song was destined to be quality because of contributions from former Star Trak collaborators Pusha T and Pharrell Williams. Listen Here

New Music

With the increased popularity of electronic crutches like Autotune, a lot of people are being allowed to have musical careers without being able to sing very well. We’ve all thought it but very few have come out and said it. Well, the folks at went there and some folks are about to get their […]