Paris attacks

Young Mormon missionary Mason Wells has been affected by not one terrorist attack, but three.

Officials are looking into a possible hate crime in which a severed pig’s head was thrown in front of a North Philadelphia mosque. According to Philly, the incident happened around 11 p.m. on Sunday. Surveillance cameras caught a suspicious red van driving near the Al Aqsa Islamic Society. The vehicle drove past the mosque twice; the second time, the pig’s […]

After the tragic attacks in Paris last month, in which 89 people were killed at a music venue, artists have cancelled or postponed their shows in Europe and France. The city of Paris is trying to recover and revamp its live music community, though artists such as Prince, Foo Fighters and more have moved their shows […]

Anonymous recently published a YouTube video declaring war on ISIS following last week's terrorist attacks in Paris, and it looks like the hacktivist group may have taken its first steps towards battle.

Hacker group Anonymous has turned their attention to ISIS following the Paris attacks.

Why didn't we give the same attention to terror attacks in Beirut, Baghdad, Kenya and the countless other atrocities around the world?

Early Saturday morning, ISIS claimed responsibility for the Paris attacks Friday that killed more than 100 people and wounded hundreds more. The extremist group, borne out of a violent faction of Al Qaeda and responsible for countless bombings and atrocities across Syria and Iraq, released a statement Saturday, calling the horrific murders “blessed.” MUST READ: UPDATED: […]